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How to Make PayPal account in India 2020

What is PayPal account ?

Paypal is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system which supports Online money transfer and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks or money order. The company operates as a payment processor for online vendors, aution sites, and many other commercial users, for which it charges a fee in exchange for benefits such as one-click transactions and password memory. That's all

PayPal sign up :-

I'd verification link :-

There are some step to create PayPal account in India just follow it.

Step (A).

Firstly search PayPal sign up or you can go by clicking on PayPal only now see the interface on below in picture.

Create PayPal account 2020
 PayPal account 2020

Step (B).

Now you will go for next step here you will find 2 options 
1st. Personal Account
2nd. Business Account
 If you wanna create business so you can go for that but here I are talking about personal so click on personal see below in picture

PayPal business account 2020
 PayPal person Account

Step (C).

On this step  don't put your details directly first you have to select your country by clicking on that see below in picture.

 PayPal account in India 

Step (D). 

Now here you can fill your email id or create a new password remember it should be strong and remember after filling all this click on next
See below in picture.

PayPal password
 PayPal 2020

Step (E).

Here you have to fill your nationality address ( should be correct same like your adhar or pen card) or your personal Mobile number, then click on all fill box then click on agree & create account. See below in picture
PayPal account address
PayPal address

Step (F).

Now you can link your credit card or debit card so fill your all details whatever it asks then click on link card see below in picture

how to make paypal account
Credit card link to PayPal

Step (G). 

Here you will get a interface of transaction
Of 2 rupees, and you will get one OTP also on your ragister mobile number. So fill your opt
 Then click on make payment. See below in picture.

how to make paypal account india
 PayPal transaction

Step (H).

Now just click on done see on Firstly picture then you will get a new page here click on goto your account . See below in picture

how to create a paypal account online

how to create paypal account in india

Step (I).

see we have created PayPal account now we have to verify this . See below in picture.

how to create paypal account india
 A PayPal account 

Step (J).

Now click on I'd verification link or you can you by clicking on I'd verification too.
Then login with your email or password which one we created.

how to create paypal account with my bank account

how to create paypal account without credit card
 Sign in PayPal account

Step (k).

Please verify you information cross this page & Click on personal information, fill you information and then click on submit. See below in picture.

how to create paypal account in india

how to create paypal account password

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